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As a synchronous happening of the expansive and deepening urbanization in China, motorization is increasingly challenging the country’s traffic system, affecting the daily life of its urbanites through traffic congestion, air and noise pollution.

The Chinese market - an opportunity

Is electric motorization the answer? Probably, but yet to come, while electric two-wheelers are already serving as a better alternative to private car ownership (by being more affordable and less pollutive) and the public transport system (by being more flexible and efficient for personal use and for the last mile transport).

China, as the old day kingdom of bicycles, is today the world’s largest manufacturer, exporter and market for electric two-wheelers,with the current ownership of about one electric two-wheeler for every 10 people. However, electric two-wheelers, as a competitive solution for fast and “green” transportation, are yet to be bettered off. Lead poisoning, traffic accidents, lacking of charging facilities in general are the elements that affect and restrain the further development of the market.

Manufacturer and wholesaler of electric scooters, motorized and gas scooters in China

The Atraverda battery as a lightweight portable battery with greater range through higher energy densities that uses less lead in manufacture can offer this market a significant improvement at an acceptable price.

E-Bikes a major transport system?

Where next for the e -bike?

  • An Asian phenomenon or other markets?
  • Fitting in with a low carbon future
  • Complimentary to advances in cycle networks