• Poul Erik Schou-Pedersen
    Poul Erik Schou-PedersenChairman

    Poul Erik is EE from the Danish Technical University of Copenhagen and since his graduation in 1979 held a number of CEO and Board positions within the Danish and British industrial Sector. From 1992-2007 Poul Erik was CEO of the Danish energy meter company Kamstrup, which he transformed from a domestic family-driven company to the world’s largest and most profitable manufacturer of meters for district heating.

    Poul Erik was chaiman of the advisory board for BI New Energy Solutions when he took over as Managing Partner in 2007. He lead the buyout from Bankinvest of the New Energy Solutions Venture funds and the establishing of NES Partners through 2010.

    • Tony Davies
      Tony DaviesDirector

      Tony was formerly CEO of Bowman Power, a worldwide leader in advanced energy efficiency techniques in the power generation and heavy equipment sectors, and Chairman of Marine Current Turbines, the leading UK developer of renewable energy from tidal power now owned by Siemens. Tony ran Schlumberger’s electronics businesses in the UK, including facilities in the USA and France, and was an industrial advisor to the UK Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, for 6 years.

      • Mike Greenlee
        Mike GreenleeChief Executive Officer

        Mike has over 30 years of experience in the Global Battery Industry. Mike joined Atraverda after serving as Chief Engineer at Exide Technologies. Prior to Mike’s role as Chief Engineer, he spent several years in senior management positions at Exide Technologies and Delco Remy, based in the United States. Mike has also chaired and participated on various technical committees and task forces within the Battery Industry as well as being a consultant to the Global Battery Industry.

        • Dr Keith Ellis
          Dr Keith EllisChief Technical Officer

          Keith has been with Ebonex/Atraverda for a total of 13 years and has been responsible for the in-house development of Ebonex® powder, the ceramic substrate and bipolar lead acid batteries. Prior to joining Atraverda, Keith worked for British Petroleum. Keith holds a PhD in Electrochemical Engineering.

          • Mike McDonagh
            Mike McDonaghHead of Engineering & Manufacturing

            Mike McDonagh has been with Ebonex since 2013 developing the processes for the Ebonex Bi Polar battery. Mike who has a PhD in Metallurgy and Materials Science started his Industrial career in 1977 with Crompton Batteries in Newport. He was engaged to develop new lead alloys for maintenance free automotive and traction batteries. Since then he has held roles of Technical director with international lead acid battery companies and was chairman of the Haddon Oldham technical group of battery companies.
            During his 35 years in the lead acid battery business, he has won two SMART awards for battery design principally for maintenance free locomotive starting and coach lighting batteries for British Rail and London Underground and Romanian railways. His breadth of experience covers almost every aspect of battery design, manufacturing processes, marketing and management.
            His range of expertise also extends to alternative battery chemistries such as designing Lithium ion batteries and control systems for micro hybrid applications. He has also collaborated with the MOD on the design of high temperature Lithium – iron sulphate batteries for the Trident nuclear submarine.
            Mike has spent the last 5 years as a consultant to the battery industry and has an international portfolio of companies as diverse as Israel, India and China, and is a regular contributor to international technical journals.

            • David Casale
              David Casale Finance and Commercial Director (Interim)

              David is a veteran of the energy industry, having held senior positions with National Power, AES Corporation and Shell International, covering a variety of industry sectors including well head, offshore and onshore construction, gas and coal fired power stations, distributed heat networks, international development, billing systems and smart meters. David was also co-founder and CEO of Utilita Group, a new energy supply company deploying an innovative dual-fuel smart prepayment meter. David has an MBA from the London Business School and is a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

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