Welcome to Atraverda

home of the ceramic lead acid battery of the future.

Welcome to Atraverda: home of the ceramic lead acid battery of the future

The Atraverda Ceramic Battery is possibly the most significant advance in lead acid battery technology in a century, providing reliable power in portable units with enhanced range at a low lead acid price

Following years of research and development, the Ebonex® enabled Atraverda Ceramic Battery has achieved higher gravimetric density and volumetric density at significantly improved cycle life and is ready to move from industrial research to field trails.


The Ebonex® enabled Atraverda Ceramic Battery is lighter, has fewer components, is easier to make and delivers improved performance compared with traditional lead acid battery technology. This is why…

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Having succeeded in creating a ground-breaking ceramic lead/acid battery, the next stage has seen the perfection of a readily scaleable, fully automated manufacturing process.

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A lighter battery enables an increased portability to enable customers to carry batteries with more ease.  A smaller battery enables devices to increase the energy contained and thereby increase the range of their mobility devices.

Both of these key benefits can be delivered by the Atraverda battery at a cost comparable with the low lead acid batteries of today.

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